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Email marketing remains one of the most effective B2B content marketing strategies for generating leads and nurturing prospective buyers through the sales funnel. By communicating directly with your contacts, you have a unique opportunity to build lasting relationships, deliver highly-targeted, fully-personalised content to the right people at the right time, and encourage commercial action.    

Email plays a powerful role at every stage of the buyer's journey - from the consideration phase where prospects are researching your products and pitting your offering against competitors, through to the purchase stage and onto post-purchase customer retention.

Our content marketing services are designed from the ground up to help you capture contact information and build your email lists. Our strategists then leverage industry-leading email marketing software to segment those lists based on key factors such as job title, demographics, location, website activity, download history and purchase history.

From here, drip email campaigns are put into action to deliver targeted, personalised content to each prospect or customer, with each message designed to keep your contacts interested in your brand offerings. Automatic email replies are sent out to welcome or thank contacts at each stage, with all open rates, click-through rates and successful conversions accurately recorded.

At The Inky Squid, we help you get more out of your email marketing. Our strategists work with you to understand your target audiences, define what content to send to which contacts, and design and manage your campaigns from start to finish. Our professional writers craft the written content, including compelling subject lines and full body text, and our graphic design team build the templates to include rich media and strong, expertly-placed CTA buttons.   

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