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Intelligent Digital Marketing for MSPs
According to Mordor Intelligence, global spending on managed services is estimated to reach USD 311.32 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 12.44%. There are several factors that are driving this trajectory of growth.
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The Role of Business Communications in Enterprise Security
In an era of strict legislation for businesses, and heightened awareness over issues regarding privacy and data handling on the part of consumers, security has become an important consideration at every level of commerce. And as we’ll see in this article, business communications has a vital role to play in enterprise security - both internall
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How to Write the Perfect Whitepaper
Capitalising on the fact that readers tend to respond better to genuinely helpful information than to advertising, content marketers often turn to the whitepaper or eBook, as a vehicle for engaging with their audience, while solving a perceived problem or fulfilling a particular need. This kind of document is one among several content types that can address the needs
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The Verticalization of SaaS
In an article in 2015 — and in a follow-up in 2017 — U.S. venture capital firm Bessemer Venture Partners reflected on why industry-specific cloud software companies like athenahealth, DealerTrack and Guidewire rarely received as muc
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Four Essential Pillars of Great Web Copy
Many a sleek, beautifully-designed website has been tanked by poor web copy. Not everyone can code a backend in Python, but writing coherent sentences is a pretty widespread skill. Unfortunately, this often leads people into the trap of thinking that web copy is the least important thing to worry abou

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Content Marketing Strategies & Tips For Technology Providers

28-07-2022 -


You’re probably familiar in some way with the term “content marketing.” Yet you may be wondering exactly what it is -- and how it’s relevant to you, as a technology company. 

5 Indispensable MSP Content Marketing Tips

07-07-2022 -

Competition is squeezing the bottom line. Inefficient marketing has handicapped the top line. Stuck in between, managed service providers need an efficient, productive, and cost-effective MSP (Managed Service Provider) content marketing strategy to jumpstart business growth.


Protecting Personal Health Information and Sensitive Data Via Cloud and Mobile

11-05-2022 -

Particularly in crisis situations like the pandemic of 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), rapid response to incidents and the fast-tracking of clinical tests and medical research require huge movements of information -- much of it, of a highly sensitive and/or personal nature.

With the use of cloud-based infrastructures and mobile


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